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Cardboard Boat Race

12:00 pm and 12:30 pm

There will be two races:

1) Ages 5-12; begins at 12:00 pm.

2) Ages 13 and older; begins 12:30.

Participants must arrive 15 minutes early for boat inspection.

Boats not following construction rules will be disqualified. (See rules below.)

Bring your own cheer section and support or win the crowd over in your favor.

All contestants will need to provide a boat name and crew member names to the judges and have a number assigned prior to racing. Pictures will also be taken of all contestants.


Best Overall Design – The boat and crew with the best “themed” boat. Example: Pirate ship and crew in pirate dress. One award out of all boats in both races.

1st Place – First boat and crew across finish line. Crew must still be in boat; one award for each race.

Titanic – Best sinking ship; one award for each race.


All crew must remove boats from water and grounds and dispose in trash bins at end of race.

The entire boat must be built out of corrugated cardboard.

The cardboard may be as thick as you want. The cardboard may be layered together.

Cardboard carpet tubes may be used. “Sono-tubes”, or any other type of pre-treated or coated.

Cardboard that has been processed in such a way as to make the cardboard waterproof may not be used.

The hull of the boat may not contain wood, plastic, fiberglass, Styrofoam or any other flotation-type foam.

Duct tape, masking tape or adhesives such as “liquid nails” may only be used to connect cardboard to cardboard or reinforce seams and stress points.

A one-part enamel or lacquer paint and/or polyurethane varnish or water sealer is permitted. Do not use tar-based substances, epoxy glue, fiberglass resins or caulking compounds such as silicon or wax.

Applied paint must be dry for at least 24-hours prior to launching.

Hulls may not be “wrapped” in plastic, duct tape or anything else.

Metal or plastic staples, clamps, nails, screws, etc may not be used. These can be a hazard to the crew and lake.

The propulsion system, including oars and paddles, can be made of anything and attached to the cardboard hull as long as it doesn’t add to the strength or buoyancy of the boat. No hand paddling.

Decorations and props that are not part of the boats hull or structure can be made of anything as long as it doesn’t add to the strength or buoyancy of the boat.

Raft style designs may be used, but surfboard-style designs may not. The distinguishing feature of a raft design over that of a surfboard is the use of connected cardboard “logs”.

Judges make the final ruling as to the boat acceptance for racing.

Design is builder’s choice.

The boat must accommodate at least two crew members.

The crew compartment cannot be enclosed so as to interfere with escape.


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Same day sign ups are permitted; meet at Dock at 11:30

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